3 Tips for Intermediate Flute Players to Take it Up a Notch

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Let’s take our flute-playing up a notch today!how to get to the next flute playing level

Once we decide we’re not a beginner anymore, there are some things we need to think about often.

Flute players are super in the fact that they are all super-try-ers. What I mean by this is that we seem to never be satisfied with the level we’re on. We like things “just so”, and we want our playing to be the same.

This article will give you a few things to think about. They are great reminders that will help propel you over that hurdle into the next level you’re striving for.

1. Resolve to find a regular schedule and be sure that tone studies start the day.

Super important. Professional athletes don’t just hit the track without stretching first. The same should go for your flute-practicing sessions.

Remember that once you get started with a proper warm-up, you’ll enjoy your sound so much more as you work on the other aspects of your practice time.

Turn off your phone and be sure you have some privacy. Focus is awesome in these situations.

2. Practice smarter.

I’ve mentioned this many times in the past years, and am still surprised when I find budding musicians who think it’s all about playing a ‘longer’ or ‘faster’ song.

It’s really quite the opposite.

Skills learning is where it’s at. That’s my teaching style, and I know it works.

I have had many-a student achieve great heights in musicianship because of the believe in this one idea.

3. One more notch? Show someone.

When I was younger, I remember thinking I was the best flutist I knew (now I laugh at that because there are SO many greats).  When I started accepting performance opportunities it almost killed me. Literally. I was far from proficient.

I could play so well in my bedroom with the door closed! (haha, heard this before?)

Once I learned to over-learn my skills and start putting myself “out there”, I actually really started to see the space in front of me. And that’s where I wanted to go.

Rebecca Fuller ImageI am beyond thrilled for your enthusiasm and love for this wonderful instrument, and I can’t wait to see you at your next online lesson. 🙂

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