L.F.O. F.A.Q.

Q. How can I sample these lessons (for free)? Intermediate Flute Lessons FREE

A. 1. Enter your email in the right sidebar of the Intermediate Flute Lessons site. (see it over there? >>>> or if you’re on mobile scroll down)

2. Watch the video on the page you land on and then go check your email. EMAIL is where your links are.

3. Watch for awesome emails full of great info in the future.


Q. How can I get the Premium Intermediate Level lessons?

A. So glad you asked. The premium lessons (there are TONS of them) are available to those who either purchase a monthly or yearly membership. Click here for more information: http://learnfluteonline.com/gold-lessons/

Q. Do you teach any other types of flutes?

A. Not on this site. Although I do play several different types of flutes the silver-western classical/bohm-style flute is what this site is all about.

Q. Can you tell me why I am having problems with ——–(fill in the blank – I receive a variety of questions specific to getting low notes, high notes, etc)?

A. Sure. I have given many directions on how to get “your low notes to sound out proudly”, but sometimes you may need a little private instruction to jump a hurdle you are having difficult overcoming. I might have time to Skype you in a private lesson if you’d like. Click here to find out how to set this up: http://learnfluteonline.com/long-distance-flute-lessons-with-rebecca/

Q. Can I download these lessons to be watched while on vacation somewhere without internet?

A. Sorry, I have them protected.  They are very valuable, and only available to those with a subscription.

Q. Sometimes the learning videos stop and won’t replay. Can you tell me why?

A. Yes, this happens to me occasionally on other people’s sites as well. My solution is to refresh the page and start the video again, then “fast-forward” to the spot where you left off. This seems to work for me everytime. I believe it has to do with internet speed issues. I have super-duper high speed internet and it happens sometimes. The internet people tell me it happens more frequently to those with slower internet speed, slow or out of date processors, or when your internet carrier is having high demand.
**Internet Explorer is no longer being updated. If you are using IE as your browser, please change to google Chrome or Firefox etc.

Q. I don’t prefer to use credit/debit/paypal. Can I mail you a check or money order instead?

A. Yes. No problem. I will simply activate your new Premium lesson account after it clears the bank.

You can email me for my address.  rebecca@learnfluteonline.com

Q. Is there a way to get your premium lessons without paying for a subscription?

A. Um..no.  (unless you have something awesome to trade me)

Q.  How can I cancel my current monthly membership?

A. See this page for the Terms and Conditions

Q. Is that you playing the flute on the recordings on the site?

A. Unless specified, yes that’s me. My boys and some friends accompany me on most recordings.

About ME - Rebecca Fuller

 A music teacher of 27 years and professional performer, I have a passion for creating vibrant and beautiful arrangements in many different styles. 

 Classically trained with Irish/Scandanavian roots, I have a natural ability for all genres. I am heavily involved in the different aspects of music including performance coaching, promotion, public relations, festival organization, and recording production. I have used my coaching skills to enhance lives of musicians around the globe as well as in my own home.Rebecca Fuller

I am located in Wellsville, Utah where I provide comfortable, quality one-on-one instruction for the instrument flute for individuals and families who are seeking to fully learn the art of beautiful flute playing, enabling them to become highly educated and disciplined, which in turn nurtures happiness and life-long confidence. I have a very large collection of online lessons that are getting rave reviews from all countries of the world. Learn Flute Online is a really great way to spread the music-love to all nations.

I have a teaching degree from Weber State University as well as 24 years of flute pedagogy training from renowned instructors from around the world. In short, I love inspiring others to follow their dreams. I feel great satisfaction in providing my step-by-step method to achieving these musical dreams to all ages.