fade-leftfade-rightDiscover Intermediate Flute lessons at "Learn Flute Online"

You Can Learn Intermediate Flute Skills and Tunes In Minutes…At Your Own Pace...On Your Own Schedule...In Your Own Home!

Inside this Learn Flute Online Studio you'll find incredible flute music education made just for you!  This isn't Hot Cross Buns anymore!  We're studying Minuets, Serenades, World Music, Flute Music Theory, Flute Technique, and Advanced Flute skills you can't find anywhere else on the web.  YOU'LL LOVE IT!

  • Tone - Secrets to AMAZING TONE
  • Scales - Practice Patterns that will turn your flubby fingers into fluent, fast fingers
  • Theory - Betcha didn't know this,.. and why you need to at this level
  • Music Pieces - Full Tutorials that move Step-by-Step through the measures of exciting flute tunes- JUST FOR YOU!
  • Technique - the skills you need to be able to play like you want

You Know You Are Right For This INTERMEDIATE Flute Learning Level IF:

  • You have played flute quite a bit, but it's been a long time and you want QUALITY INSTRUCTION to boost your memory and skills.
  • READY TO MOVE ON- You have been playing the flute for a long while now and feel you are "stuck" in a more beginner level.
  • You have already completed all 60+ modules in the Learn Flute Online Gold Level. Congrats!
  • You had poor instruction and are looking for a HIGH Level Teacher to SHOW YOU THE WAY!
  • You have a busy, busy life and this is PERFECT FOR YOUR SCHEDULE!
  • You are a FAST Learner and/or a great practicer, and are ready to ZOOOM!

Head on over to the LearnFluteOnline.com website to get started!