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Feature after Feature... you're going to LOVE this!

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LB Flûte Flute Lessons"I am totally Enthusiastic about it!  I must say that this is one of the best investments I ever made!" ~ Luc, France

Too many features to name, but I'll try!

I've been waiting to show this Level off!

  • Video Tutorials you can LEARN EASILY from
  • A Special EMAIL SERIES dedicated to the Intermediate Flute Lesson Level
  • Progress/Lesson Notes Pages - pre-filled out and ready for you to print!
  • Your lessons are all packaged up in neat, organized by skill packages called "Modules"


"Awesome experience and quick learning!"

 ~ Chandra, India

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Watch from your computer or mobile device.  EASY!

This isn't Hot Cross Buns anymore!  In fact, we aren't starting anywhere near the beginning of learning all about playing the flute.

But, don't worry- if you find this level too challenging I have a Beginner's GOLD Level for you to go through.  It starts right from Day 1 and moves perfectly step-by-step all the way up to a roaring rendition of a German Dance by Mozart. .. then you can pick-up at move seamlessly into the Intermediate Level.

"The Ideal Solution for me was finding Rebecca's online courses!"  ~ Maximo, Brazil

Like Even MORE Details?

  • Beautiful, Clear TONE

    I’ll give you all of the tools necessary to hit those notes with clarity and openness. There is a different technique for different notes, and once you are at this level you are READY to learn them.

  • More Advanced Skills Just For This Intermediate Level:

    Excited to learn to DOUBLE TONGUE?  How about TRIPLE TONGUE?

    Trills, and more trills.  They’re so fun!  You will learn how to trill most notes, and how to read them.

    Apposiaturas- Yay!  You may not even know what they are- but they are VERY important.  You’ll Learn!


  • Technique is the backbone - You'll Learn What You Need For a STRoNG One!

    It’s not really that hard to master these important details— once you know about them!  I know from first-hand experience that self-learners like you are GOLDEN in a program like this.  Once I show-and-tell you, you’ll do it.  And, the better your technique is the faaaassster and more beautiful you can play!

  • I Even GIVE You the Sheetmusic to Print!

    Whether it is a Major or Minor Scale Pattern, Jazz Tune, Serenade, Pop Tune, Oldie but Goodie, or a Tone Study, I will have it in PDF format for you to print and keep in your organizer.  Sooooo EASY!

  • The Module Are Cross-Referenced for EASE in Reviewing Necessary Skills

    Sometimes you get a brain-cramp and can’t remember (let’s pretend) the D Flat Major Scale… and you need it desperately.  No worries, I’ve got you covered!  I have reference pages for these types of skills … pdf’s and videos included.  Ya, I know – awesome.

  • I'm Here For You If You Have Questions

    I really do answer your emails.  And I TOTALLY CARE that you learn well.

  • I Write You An Email Several Times A Month

    You won’t get sick of me though because my emails are stocked with more important, pertinent information for your flute education.

More Features Here

  • Like to Learn to Play-by-EAR? Mee Too!

    There are a lot of really cool tunes in this world.  Some of them are best learned By EAR.  I have a whole section of learning modules that include just this sort of lesson.  I think you’re going to LIKE them!

  • Religious and Holiday Music Lessons on the Intermediate Level

    I have you totally covered here.  There will be something for every occasion… eventually.  🙂

  • MP3 Downloads of Every Tune I Teach -- these are PLAY ALONG Accompaniments

    These Play-Along Accompaniments are best used over time.  There are many accompaniments in here that are presented at the “Learning Tempo”.  You are given both Learning Tempo and Performance Tempo recordings.  They are yours to download and keep.  Yup- AWESOME!

  • I'm Here To Help When You Need Extra

    Some students are really going for it and wish to check in with me from time-to-time.  It’s no problem to schedule a Skype Lesson with me.  They’re additional charge, but Oh So Worth It!

  • Once You Are a Paid Member I Give YOU The Key To The Modules

    You can watch and re-watch as many times as you need to get it right.  The student who review is usually the Most Skilled.  True!

  • You Will Learn How To READ Music on an Intermediate Level Also

    When you get to this higher level of flute-playing, there is just a lot more “stuff” on the paper.  I’ll help you decipher it, no problem.  You’ll be a music-reading whiz in no-time!

  • Ready to Let Someone Else HEAR You Play?

    It’s a great day when you feel ready to perform a tune for a friend or family.  You’ll be given timely hints and tips that will enhance your ability to perform… even when you think it wasn’t possible.  You CAN DO IT!

  • STYLE!

    One of the funnest most advanced things you will learn in this method (and in the next,… gasp! there will be an advanced level?!), is STYLE.  Once you become a master at certain styles in flute music, you can do SO Many Things!

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What Some of Rebecca's Learn Flute Online Students Have Been Saying:

"I have been waiting for these lessons to come online!  I'm giddy with excitement.  Rebecca has taught me SO SO much already in the Gold Level Beginner Lessons.  I can play so many things - and I sound pretty good!  Can't wait to go through more of these Intermediate Flute Lessons!"  ~ Rachelle G.  USA

"I am totally enthusiastic. I must say that this is one of the best investments I ever made!" ~ Luc, France

"Well this is really fun!"  ~ Paulette, USA

"Because of the flute and Rebecca's lessons, I am getting ready to ATTEMPT to join a local symphonic band that meets locally. Wish me Luck!"  ~ Anne, USA

~ Rebecca Fuller

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